Citizenship opportunities and challenges surround us. You cannot watch a newscast, read a newspaper, or check your Twitter feed without being reminded of this fact. Facing these situations requires responsible and informed attention, consideration, and action if the rights of individual citizens are to be sustained.

The Concentus Citizenship Education Resources invite citizens to think about the fundamental nature of citizenship. What do you believe are your personal citizenship responsibilities? What new citizenship understandings are you facing? What skills do you think are important for citizens to have?

As a reflective educator, consider the connections between citizenship and democracy. What is critical to teach students about being active citizens? How do you develop a classroom culture where different experiences and worldviews are accepted and respected? What skills do you teach your students so they can be advocates for change?

I am a firm believer that teachers have the ability to shape a student’s thinking. I have seen this with Treaty Education. I invite you to choose to become a deliberate and explicit practitioner of Citizenship Education. Your actions will help create a “responsibility revolution,” and give our students the information and help them acquire the competencies they need to participate fully as respectful and responsible citizens.

Join us as a regular visitor to this website. Learn how educators explore citizenship ideas and how they deal with new questions as they arise. Contribute to the website by telling us what you have done in your classroom or school.

Working together, we can create a Citizenship Education Learning Community, where ideas, challenges, and celebrations are shared. Together, we can give our students the tools they need to champion democracy.

Join us as we learn and lead,



David Arnot, Chief Commissioner
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

David Arnot, Chief Commissioner