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Azrieli Foundation Resources

The Azrieli Foundation is home to the Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Program. Their resources give a window into the lived experiences of Holocaust survivors. In addition to the memoirs, the Azrieli Foundation provides resources for teachers to engage their students in learning about the Holocaust and its profound impact. Link: http://memoirs.azrielifoundation.org/

Citizenship Education, Every Day of the Year

For many of us, Citizenship is a unit. It is October, my grade 4 students need to understand how the government works.  In November, we move on, and they are not “Citizens.” Many of us genuinely believe schools should teach student how to get along, be informed, knowledgeable about society, and be understanding and caring. […]

An Invitation…

Citizenship opportunities and challenges surround us. You cannot watch a newscast, read a newspaper, or check your Twitter feed without being reminded of this fact. Facing these situations requires responsible and informed attention, consideration, and action if the rights of individual citizens are to be sustained. The Concentus Citizenship Education Resources invite citizens to think […]


Future Educators Focus on Citizenship Resources

Learning Community members from the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, met during the month of September to explore the significance of citizenship education in today’s society. Students were introduced to the Concentus Citizenship Education Resources and discussed the role of education in developing justice-oriented citizens. Central to their conversations were the Essential Citizenship Competencies […]

Judge Arnot Meets With SPSD Treaty Catalyst Teachers

Judge Arnot, Chief Commission of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission connected with Saskatoon Public School Division Treaty Catalyst Teachers, Thursday, June 1 as they learned more about reconciliation and shared their calls to action. Judge Arnot reinforced with teachers the importance of teaching students the history of Canada from a culturally balanced perspective that is […]

Canadian Association of Principals Conference 2017

Concentus Citizenship Education Project Manager, Lori Kindrachuk and Cathy Mills, Resource Developer, presented the final keynote presentation, Friday, May 26 at the Canadian Association of Principals Conference held in Saskatoon. The keynote highlighted the Concentus Citizenship Education pedagogy with a focus on the various components of the pedagogy and showed school administrators how an emphasis on […]