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French Resources

French Immersion and Fransaskois resources have been posted for Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade 3, Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11. Other grade level documents will be available soon.

Horizon Students Hear Testimony Of Holocaust Survivor At Third Annual Symposium

Approximately 550 students, educators and guests gathered for the Horizon Holocaust Symposium at the Humboldt Uniplex Curling Rink on Monday, April 24. The event began with Mr. Amek Adler, Holocaust survivor, sharing his powerful, moving survivor testimony and answering questions from students and staff. The remainder of the day consisted of presentations and workshops on […]

Pre-Congress Session SELU Rural Congress 2017

Strengthening the Circle for Reconciliation: Responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action Sunday afternoon, March 26, 2017 approximately eighty-five participants from across western Canada and the Territories, met to think about and talk about the connection between education, citizenship, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.


30-Level Resources

The 30-Level (Grade 12) is focused on addressing and resolving issues. Students examine Canadian history to understand the influences on our contemporary rights, responsibilities, and views of citizenship. Students examine issues facing Canadians and the global community regarding citizenship, specifically the foundational beliefs of Canadians. Students also consider the role of cooperation in a competitive […]


20-Level Resources

20-Level (Grade 11) students recognize the role that ideology plays in our perspectives and the application of Human Rights. Students extend their investigations to consider historically how worldview has impacted and continues to impact perspectives of citizenship and the balance between meeting the needs of citizens and promoting the nation’s best interests. Through the investigation […]


10-Level Resources

10-Level (Grade 10) students recognize the role that ideology plays in the political, social, and economic decision-making process and in the social organizations around which society structures itself. They investigate various worldviews and the impact of worldview on an individuals’ and society’s’ beliefs. Students extend their investigations to consider historically how worldview has impacted and […]


Grade 9 Resources

Grade 9 students research and study what constitutes a society. This year of study has students looking to the past to determine the impact of history on present day societal structuring. Students explore the historical societies of Macedonia, Rome, England, Spain, France, and Mongolia. Through the study of earlier societies, students analyze the impacts of […]


Grade 8 Resources

Grade 8 students explore the concept of democracy as demonstrated in Canada. Throughout the study of democracy, students reflect on alternative decision making processes such as consensus and majority rule. Students trace the evolution of legislation from an idea to implementation. They learn how the democratic process is strengthened by citizen participation.     Other […]