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Moose Jaw Students and Teachers Citizenship Video

Students and teachers from Riverview Collegiate Institute, Central Collegiate, and Empire School in Moose Jaw, prepared a catchy video promoting the benefits of citizenship and the value of citizenship education. Recorded in and around the three schools, and with the support of Safeway and the Moose Jaw City Police, this video is a great example […]

“The Last Line” Documentary

“The Last Line” is a made for television documentary about the increasing diversity in Saskatoon.  With a focus on the newcomer community, and in particular on the newcomer children integrating into the school system, the documentary looks at some of the challenges and opportunities that are, in many ways, common to many communities in Saskatchewan. […]

Living in Harmony Award Recipients Demonstrate Good Citizenship

On March 21, 2016, the City of Saskatoon recognized students, individuals, and organizations that help make the city a welcoming and inclusive community for all people. Timed to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the City of Saskatoon’s Cultural Diversity and Race Relations gave awards for art and literary works […]

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Breaking Barriers

What are gender stereotypes? Where do they come from? Are they necessary? These are just some of the questions, designed to accompany the Breaking Barriers series of documentaries, that challenge the thoughts and feelings of students (ages 11 and up) about gender stereotypes. Prepared by Sherry Van Hesteren, these resources are suited for students in Grades […]

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Let’s Get Real

“Name-calling and bullying are at epidemic proportions among youth across the country, and are often the root causes of violence in schools. Let’s Get Real gives young people the chance to tell their stories in their own words–and the results are heartbreaking, shocking, inspiring and poignant.” Prepared by Sherry Van Hesteren, these resources are suited for […]


Citizenship and Democracy

The hope and promise of democracy is based on the health and stability of democratic society but threats to that health and stability also exist. There is widespread agreement that education plays a significant role in mitigating those threats to democracy. And there is general consensus that expectations for citizen engagement are much broader than […]

Big Ideas Around Citizenship

Our Canadian citizenship is part of us, whether we are in or out of school, with our friends and family, or with people that we are meeting for the first time.  It is a responsibility of our citizenship to know and protect our rights, to know and protect the rights of others, and to demonstrate […]

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Creative Friendships

What does it feel like to be “an insider”?  An “outsider”? What can a person do to make friends in a new situation? These are just some of the questions that can be used with Creative Friendships dramatic shorts. Prepared by Sherry Van Hesteren, these resources are suited for children in Grades 1-4. The Pass System is […]