Courageous Conversations booklet

To extend the impact and reach of the citizenship education resources, a companion document entitled Courageous Conversations was prepared. This document was written by academics for educators and adults and it covers six issues in a way that speaks to these audiences. These issues are: the Holocaust as the catalyst for the rights revolution; mental health and addictions; racial discrimination; disability; Indigenous cultures and awareness; and gender.

David Arnot, the Chief Commissioner for the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, states in the foreword:

  • We need to engage citizens to become advocates for equality in a free and democratic society.  For many citizens, raising their voices on these topics requires great courage, and in some instances, your fellow citizens are still struggling to have their voices heard.
  • Unresolved issues threaten our commitment to a just society.  Each of us must become informed and then respond to the call to be a part of this responsibility revolution.  As individuals, and as members of small groups, now is our chance to do better.


Download the resource: Courageous Conversations Teacher Resource