On March 21, and as part of the Twenty-First National Congress on Rural Education in Canada, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission recognized eight of the teachers who made significant contributions to the citizenship education materials.

From left to right: Commissioner Heather Kuttai, Chief Commissioner David Arnot, Brett Kirk, Larry Mikulcik, Joanna Landry, Whitney Stasiw, Cathy Mills, Terry Myers, Alex Girard, Robert Jardine, Holly Stasiuk, and Sherry Van Hesteren.

In 2009, the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) selected these teachers from school divisions across the province to write the classroom resources that are now available on concentus.ca.

Chief Commissioner David Arnot thanked these educators for their work, and he thanked SELU for the oversight and production of the classroom resources. Chief Commissioner Arnot observed that teachers are shaping the future of our country, and that “the new three R’s – respect, rights, and responsibility” of citizenship education will help affirm that “every human being, in our increasingly diverse society, deserves equal moral consideration.”