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David Fisher recently visited with Global News in Saskatoon to talk about Concentus.


Citizenship opportunities and challenges surround us. You cannot watch a newscast, read a newspaper, or check your Twitter feed without being reminded of this fact. Facing these situations requires responsible and informed attention, consideration, and action if the rights of individual citizens are to be sustained.

The Concentus Citizenship Education Resources invite citizens to think about the fundamental nature of citizenship. What do you believe are your personal citizenship responsibilities? What new citizenship understandings are you facing? What skills do you think are important for citizens to have? Read more

Cathy Mills and Lori Kindrachuk present at CAP 2017

Concentus Citizenship Education Project Manager, Lori Kindrachuk and Cathy Mills, Resource Developer, presented the final keynote presentation, Friday, May 26 at the Canadian Association of Principals Conference held in Saskatoon. The keynote highlighted the Concentus Citizenship Education pedagogy with a focus on the various components of the pedagogy and showed school administrators how an emphasis on citizenship education could provide a framework for school leadership and support school administrators in strengthening responsible citizenship in their schools and engage school communities in reconciliation. Read more

This document provides an overview of this Saskatchewan designed approach to citizenship education in kindergarten to grade 12; it describes the alignment between the teacher resources and Saskatchewan curricula.

Educational Resources Leaves

Essential Citizenship Competencies Essential Citizenship Competencies French Resources Continuum of Study
Prairie South class

Prairie South class

Students and teachers from Riverview Collegiate Institute, Central Collegiate, and Empire School in Moose Jaw, prepared a catchy video promoting the benefits of citizenship and the value of citizenship education. Recorded in and around the three schools, and with the support of Safeway and the Moose Jaw City Police, this video is a great example of participatory and engaged citizenship.

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The hope and promise of democracy is based on the health and stability of democratic society but threats to that health and stability also exist. There is widespread agreement that education plays a significant role in mitigating those threats to democracy. And there is general consensus that expectations for citizen engagement are much broader than the minimal engagement required for voting and obeying the law.


The Three R’s of Citizenship

The hope and promise of democracy is based on the health and stability of democratic society.  To sustain democracy, every citizen should know the new three R’s:

  • Rights,
  • Responsibilities, and
  • Respect.

The citizenship education classroom resources provide opportunities for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to learn about the new three R’s.


Participatory Democracy

Providing opportunities for people to develop the knowledge, dispositions and skills to be their best possible selves in relation to the needs of society has an immense impact on the future of family, community, country and the world.  It is a weighty responsibility shared by students, parents and caregivers, educators and communities; it requires intentional teaching, modelling and practice for people to acquire the knowledge, dispositions and skills necessary to have an impact on the function of an entire society.

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On Friday, October 16, the Chief Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, David Arnot, gave a presentation to the League of Educational Administrators, Directors, and Superintendents of Saskatchewan (LEADS) at their annual fall meeting. At that event, Arnot informed the attendees that, Read more